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performance & recognition


team & relationships

creativity & inspiration

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we are humanizing cultural environments.


(ˈɪntrə · ækʃən)

Intra-action, a term by Karen Barad, means that everything in the world is connected and constantly influencing each other. Instead of separate interactions, it emphasizes that everything is part of a dynamic web of connections, and our actions are shaped by these relationships.

What makes up the cultural experience?

People want connection, to feel seen and heard, and to have personalization.

They care about how their actions and decisions have impact; the ripple effect.

They want their lives to have meaning and impact.

There is no work/life balance anymore; it’s just life.



  • engaged in meaningful work
  • vibrant and alive in work
  • energy at the end of each day to attend to outside cares and interests


performance & recognition

  • company culture and mission aligns with personal values
  • foster a safe and positive environment
  • eustress to subvert negative or counterproductive stress
  • champion organization and the people who work there
  • physical environment that supports work

  • valued and affirmed at work
  • appropriately compensated
  • acknowledge and appreciate others
  • time to celebrate accomplishments and growth

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performance & recognition


team & relationships

creativity & inspiration

human & business relevent


team & relationships

  • clear communication between members and teams
  • set and communicate clear expectations
  • listening valued to same extent as speaking
  • language that supports healthy conflict
  • thoughtfulness about the impact of communication

  • establish good relationships with others
  • design effective alliances with others
  • respect colleagues and the work they do
  • cultivate trust in others
  • empower leadership in self and others


creativity & inspiration

  • responsibility for the evolution of career path
  • everything as a growth opportunity
  • ways to expand responsibility
  • leaders champion and encourage development
  • time and energy invested in individuals

  • enable unique contributions through work
  • give permission to take risks, experiment, innovate and create things “outside the box”
  • challenge as an opportunity to expand and engage
  • opportunities to engage strengths every day

human & business


  • produce high quality results
  • reliable and consistent
  • use influence to impact the day-to-day success
  • accept responsibility for successes and failures
  • engage team members
  • increase resilience and adaptability

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What if inspired,

productive people

were a result of

how we do business?

Passionate about helping people go home energized, we believe in creating a world where happy and healthy people (one by one) collectively create a great place to live.

we design human-centered business.

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When we see people first, we start asking different questions and the decisions we make have exponential impact.

We have a vision to help executives unlock unrealized time, talent, energy and resources in their organizations with infinite returns.

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What is distinctive about our strategy?

In designing a traditional solution, its all about one size fits all, price and risk. This is a classic example of what happens in design thinking. You are so focused on developing a solution, it often misses the whole mark.


Human Centred Designs start with deep curiosity and empathy.

It adapts to HUMAN needs.

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better together



Research shows that the happiest people have a high sense of safety, security and belonging.

When life happens, people's wellbeing is challenged, so proactively plan to care for them when life is most challenging.

People's sense of security and happiness improves when they know that they are cared for even when life gets tough.

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1.2 Million Businesses

Map of Canada

Who do we serve?

We are focused on the Small Business Market. SMEs (Small, Medium Enterprises) make up the vast majority of companies in Canada and are an important source of innovation and job creation. Total BenefiX Strategies are able to be deployed for growing teams of 4 employees and beyond.

SMEs employed over 10.6 million Canadians, representing almost 90% of the private-sector workforce. Small businesses employed 8.4 million individuals.


•Invests in having a great employee & customer experience

•Believes their people – internally and externally should have a consistent experience

•Total benefits experience is part of compensation strategy


•Have people >10-350 employees

•Would like to gain value from their investment in their people’s development and potential

•Believes in Personalization

•Wants Flexibility

•Wants Financial Sustainability

Why are we passionate about small business?

We are passionate about people. Our clients are across all types of industry as our strategies adapt to their need. We have seen most of the business advisory out there competing for large enterprise as its much "easier". The biggest risk in our economy and the global economy is the small business. They need the advice to become more resilient; unfortunately current trend makes advice very expensive and hard to access. We change that with our humanizeX framework.

LBR Experience is where Canadian Small Businesses come to realize human potential.

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What does success look like?

Co-creating an infinite learning experience that is human.

An immersive experience that inspires your team and provides with useful, practical and relevant information.

How can we help?

We meet you where you are at.

We work to help you achieve alignment between what you think, say and do, in the process building an organization positioned for long-term sustainable success.

We help you overcome your organizational challenges to achieve the results you want.

the result

  • Inspired Humanized Experience
  • Exponential gains, through productivity and growth
  • Maximized effectiveness leveraging your current capitals

How can you connect with us?

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151 West Hastings Street,

Vancouver, BC V6B 1H4

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